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April 2015 in Paris - live at the Souffle Continu a "live micro set" featuring RP and Arthur Narcy (drums). This will celebrate the release of HELDON LIVE, a vinyl-only recording from the mid 70's legendary French band. So says Richard: will be the second attempt, just for one day, just in Paris of HELDON LIVE in 2015-APRIL 18...late afternoon....Just for Friends, for fans for anybody whom Love muZiK (non stop...Tekno POP)...

From there, Richard starts his "farwell" world tour from 2015 through 2017.

O - Nest "PART 1" Richard Pinhas and Yoshida Tatsuya/First part
Recorded by Yoshida...December One 2014...
YOSHIDA/PINHAS/HAINO/MERZBOW.....First Set concert...full...ROUGH but GOOD!
20 Minutes....ENJOY!

latest release

split lp w/tamagawa
released november 2014
mayo records, france