Split LP with Tamagawa

Richard Pinhas Side:

1. T1V1 Cleveland (17.26)

Tamagawa Side:

2. Aberdeen (16.03)

Split LP, released in an edition of 300 numbered copies on splattered orange/black translucid vinyl, and packaged in silver ink silkscreened cardboard covers with an insert. Richard Pinhas, guitarist from French cult band Heldon, is accompanied by his son Duncan, Oren Ambarchi (SunnO))) and Erick Borelva. Tamagawa plays number of songs that are totaly stripped from subtlety. A suite of audible haikus bring to mind the sound of footsteps in the water... a distant waterfall.


Oren Ambarchi: Guitar, Drone
Eric Boreiva: Drums
Duncan Pinhas: Noises, Loops
Richard Pinhas: Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer


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