Here's an excerpt of Richard's performance in Washington during the Sonic Circuits Festival

Here's a video taken of Richard's performance in Oakland.

Here's a video taken of Richard's performance in Sacramento.

Richard spent some time over in Tokyo. Thanks to Ben Efrati for all the hard work putting this together!

Richard performed with the Pascal Comelade Band just last month (June 2013). Richard says "Here is The SONAR...RP with The PASCAL COMELADE Band...More details to come."

Richard says: "Duncan Nilsson-Pinhas and Richard Pinhas duet at POLAND Fest? BYGDO...:)...apriL 2013...great live Reporduction for richard upcoming Japan tour May/june 2013...good concert, great Public, Fantastic friendz et CITY as beautiful as EVER...three great DAYS in Eurio! "

Here's a new video of RP playing with Wolf Eyes live on April 278th at Instants Chavirés

Richard Pinhas et Oren Ambarchi en concert à l'Espace B le 9 avril 2013
from Godefroy de MAUPEOU

Richard Pinhas and Jaumet, live in France, Octber 2011

@ Benjamin Efrati, MIRACLE pro...2013