Keio Line

Disc One:

1. Tokyo Electric Guerilla (18:29)
2. Ikebukuro: Tout le Monde Descend! (17:36)
3. Shibuya AKS (26:28)

Disc Two:

4. Merzdon/Heldow Kills Animal Killers (8:17)
5. Chaos Line (21:46)
6. Fuck The Power (And Fuck Global Players) (16:29)

All titles composed by Richard Pinhas and Merzbow
Recorded October 25-26, 2007 in Tokyo at the Peace Music Studios.
Produced by Merzbow and Richard Pinhas
Engineered by Soichiro Nakamura
Mixed in December 2007 at Ramses Studio.
Engineered by Laurent Peyron, assisted by Richard Pinhas
Remixed at Ramses by Duncan Pinhas, assisted by Laurent Peyron.
Executive Prodicer: Richard Pinhas

Richard and Merzbow are both among the best-known figures in electronic rock music today. Merzbow is probably the single best-known artist in noise music today. While Richard's work wouldn't be considered to be in the 'noise' arena, many of the artists in the field have expressed great interest in his pioneering use of synthesizers and electronics in rock and contemporary music from the 1970s until the present. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, they had long expressed admiration for each others work. Given all of this, it is probably not surprising that the most important electronic musicians of France and Japan should finally collaborate together! During Richard's second tour of Japan in the fall of 2007, he performed with Merzbow in what Richard called, "an incredible concert". A week later, at the end of this tour, they booked two days in the studio to work together again, this time on a recording. All material was recorded completely live by the two musicians, with extensive work done in the mix and re-mix stage. Keio Line (the name refers to the name of the train Richard and Masami would take from downtown Tokyo to the recording studio) is a two CD set, released at a special price, that is violent, soothing, hypnotic, noisy and trance-inducing. All aboard the Keio Line!


Merzbow: EMS Synth A, Noises
Richard Pinhas: Guitar, Loop System

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© 2008 Richard Pinhas and Merzbow

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